Management of a company with foreign participation in the Russian Federation

Management Company:

Will help prepare your company for full independent business operations.
Acts on behalf of your company and represents its interests.
Concludes and executes service contracts for your company;
Organises bookkeeping and tax accounting, storage of accounting documents, including with the involvement of specialised organisations on the basis of individual transactions.
Hires and dismisses staff in your company.
Performs other actions in the interests of your company.

1 month
50000 RUB
Management of a company with foreign participation in the Russian Federation

От вас необходимы

  • Articles of Association of the company (if you opened the company with us, this item is not necessary)

**A contract must be concluded with the Managing Company for a period of up to 6 months at a cost of 50,000 roubles per 1 month.

**The owner of the Company can replace the Managing Company with any other director at any time

Частые вопросы

Who can be the sole executive body (director) of an LLC?

The functions of the sole executive body (director) may be performed by: an individual, a commercial organisation (management company), an individual entrepreneur (manager).

Can a foreign citizen be a general director of an LLC?

A foreign citizen may hold the position of the CEO of a Russian legal entity if he/she is in the country legally and has a legal right to work in the Russian Federation: permanent residence permit, temporary residence permit, work permit or labour patent.

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