Registration of the company in the Russian Federation

The service is provided for organisations and entrepreneurs who plan to carry out their activities in the territory of the Russian Federation. Company registration is the initial legal step in setting up a business, allowing to legalise the activity and obtain the rights and obligations of a legal entity.

The service includes:
Preparation of a complete set of documents for registration of LLC (Limited Liability Company)
Accompanying the client at the notary
Transfer of documents to the tax authority through a notary and receipt of confirmation of company registration
Consultation on taxation

up to 14 days
80 000 RUB
Registration of the company in the Russian Federation

От вас необходимы

  • Information on the planned name of the company
  • Information about the planned activities of the company
  • Information about the planned location of the company
  • Documents on the CEO (if not, you can use the services of our Management Company)
  • Documents on the legal address (if not, we will help you to find premises for rent)

Частые вопросы

What is the minimum and maximum amount of the authorised capital of an LLC?

The minimum authorised capital of an LLC is 10,000 roubles. For some categories of organisations, the minimum authorised capital is significantly higher.

The amount of the authorised capital of banks, insurance companies, bookmaker's offices and other companies whose activities are licensed is established by special laws.

When should the authorised capital be paid?

The term of payment of the authorised capital should not exceed 4 months from the date of state registration of the company.

What is the difference between sole proprietorship and LLC?

The difference in the legal form of IE and LLC can directly affect your business. For example, an LLC is liable for debts and obligations to creditors and counterparties with its authorised capital, while an sole proprietorship is liable with its personal property. An LLC can be registered by several partners, while a sole proprietorship can be registered by a sole proprietor. An LLC is suitable for those who plan to expand their business, while a sole proprietorship is suitable for those who are just starting out.

Which taxation to choose for an LLC?

LLC founders can choose one of four taxation options:

  • General system (OSNO) - you will get it by default immediately after registration of the legal entity, in this system there are no restrictions on the amount of turnover, possible types of activities, but the most complex accounting and the maximum number of taxes, such as income tax, VAT, property tax and others;
  • Simplified system (USN) "Income" - preferable for those who are just starting a business and do not yet know how big it will be, the tax is from 1 to 6% depending on the region and type of business;
  • Simplified system (USN) "Income - expenses" - also suitable for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, the tax burden varies from 5 to 15% and is calculated on the difference between income and confirmed expenses;
  • Unified Agricultural Tax (UAT) - only for producers of agricultural products, the tax rate is 6%, but can be reduced to 0%.

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