Resolution of economic disputes

The service includes:

  • Counselling the Client
  • Determination of the nature of the dispute
  • Study of applicable legislation and court practice
  • Drawing up legal documents
  • Claims work
  • Preparation for court proceedings
  • Study of the court case
  • Speaking in court
  • Challenging court decisions

Variants of the cost of the service for 1 hour

  • Lawyer: from 7 500 RUB
  • Leading lawyer: from 10 000 RUB
  • Head of Practice: from 12 500 RUB
1 hour
from 7 500 RUB
Resolution of economic disputes

От вас необходимы

  • Information about the circumstances of the economic dispute
  • An interview with our lawyer.

Частые вопросы

What are economic disputes?

Economic or economic disputes are conflicts arising as a result of civil law relations related to economic activity. Such disputes may arise for various reasons: incorrect conclusion of the contract, violation of its terms, late payment for goods and services, debt recovery and others. Economic disputes can arise both between individuals and legal entities.

Who considers cases on economic disputes?

Cases on economic disputes and other cases related to entrepreneurial and other economic activities are considered by the Arbitration Court. If one of the parties in court is a natural person (not an individual entrepreneur), then the case is considered by the court of general jurisdiction.

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