Verification of counterparties in the Russian Federation

The service includes:

  • Comprehensive review of the counterparty's activities, categorised into strengths, weaknesses, trustworthiness index, etc.
  • Search of court practice and analysis of court cases
  • Establishment of current and historical debts of the company, the nature of debts
  • Establishing participation in public procurements as a supplier and customer, as well as analyses thereof
  • Checking the affiliation of the company, owners and managers
  • Analysing the public financial statements of the counterparty
  • Verification of blocked accounts
  • Information on bankruptcy
1 company
from 50,000 RUB
Verification of counterparties in the Russian Federation

От вас необходимы

  • Information about the company being audited
  • Information that you are primarily interested in

Частые вопросы

Why should companies be checked and what are the risks?

Checking a counterparty before concluding a contract is a business defence measure against unscrupulous companies and financial risks.

What are the signs of an unreliable company?

Inaccurate information provided to partners
The company has a large number of court cases and enforcement proceedings
Increased claim load may indicate the company's failure to fulfil its contractual obligations or the presence of problems with state authorities.
Excess of expenses over income, decrease in net profit and availability of loans are signs of deterioration of the company's financial position.
Presence of information about the intention to apply to the court for bankruptcy.
Signs of a fraudulent company that is not really doing business.

What are the risks of co-operation with dubious companies?

Financial losses - intentional and unintentional failure to fulfil contractual obligations.
Tax risks - danger of additional tax charges.
Criminal risks - criminal liability due to criminal collusion with the owners or manager of a dubious company.  
Restriction of banking services - if the bank suspects that your partner may be engaged in criminal money laundering, bank payments may be suspended.

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