Opening a current account in the Russian Federation

The service includes:

  • Opening a settlement account in rubles with a Russian bank
  • Opening a current account in Chinese yuan with a Russian bank
3 working days
10 000 RUB
Opening a current account in the Russian Federation

От вас необходимы

  • Articles of Association (if you opened the company with us, this item is not necessary)
  • Information about the founder of the company (residential address)
  • Information about the director (appointment order, passport data, management agreement - if the director is a managing organization).

* The choice of bank for opening current accounts is made in agreement with the owner of the company.

Частые вопросы

How many current accounts can a company open?

You can open as many current accounts as you need for your Business. The law does not set any restrictions for companies. The main issue you should pay attention to is the convenience of accounting and tax accounting.

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