Opening a current account in the PRC for Hong Kong companies

The service is suitable for companies of any jurisdiction and for any type of activity. Russian citizens among shareholders and directors are allowed. Available currencies are CNY, USD, RUB, EUR. Settlements with the Russian Federation in RUB and CNY are available. 

Incoming payments are free of charge, outgoing payments from 0.2% of the amount

Monthly service 220 USD.

25-30 business days
10 000 USD

От вас необходимы

  • Certificate of incorporation (certified by the Company seal)
  • Busniess registration ordinace (certified by the Company's seal)
  • Annual return - NAR1 (certified by the Company's seal)
  • Incorporation form - NNC1 (certified by the Company seal)
  • Articles of association (certified by the Company seal)
  • Passport of director and authorized signatory (will need to be sent to PRC, return in 14 days, or personal presence of the founder in Shanghai with the seal, it is possible to make and send a new seal)
  • Company seal (will need to be sent to the PRC, return in 14 days, or the founder's personal presence in Shanghai with the seal, a new seal may be made and sent)
  • Code obtained from the currency control (if available)
  • KYC form (in Russian)

Частые вопросы

What is the cost of the service?

  • 3 000 USD preliminary preparation (in case of rejection by the Bank the amount is not refundable)
  • 7 000 USD account opening support

Do you have any questions about our activities or services?

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