Business representation in commercial negotiations in the Russian Federation

The service includes:

  • Organisation of business negotiations with a Russian counterparty or potential partner
  • Assistance to the Client in preparing presentation materials and business letters in Russian
  • Participation in the ongoing negotiations
1 hour
15 000 RUB
Business representation in commercial negotiations in the Russian Federation

От вас необходимы

  • Information about the company with which the interaction is to be organised
  • Information about the issues to be resolved
  • Presentation materials and business correspondence (if available)

Частые вопросы

Why do foreign businesses need to organise business negotiations in Russia?

Russian business has national peculiarities often unknown to foreign companies and individuals. A correctly formulated goal and the right line of behaviour will help to start co-operation on the most favourable terms for you. An unprepared meeting, on the contrary, will spoil not only your relationship with a client or partner, but also your reputation.

What are the peculiarities of business negotiations in Russia?

The reputation of business in Russia is very important. Properly organised negotiations help to build up a company's social capital, gain trust, and thus build business relationships for a long time. There is little trust in foreign companies in Russia, due to the national character and complex tragic history. The main goal is to establish a long-term relationship with the Russian side, even if it is not possible to conclude a current contract or deal on the desired terms in the moment. When communicating with Russian business, it is necessary to clearly and correctly formulate the proposed terms of the deal, and not to allow unilateral changes of agreements in the course of fulfilment of contractual obligations.

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