Defence against criminal prosecution

The Moscow Bar Association "SEG Pravo" provides professional legal defence in:

  • conducting an inspection by law enforcement authorities;
  • investigation of a criminal case;
  • consideration of a criminal case in court.

Our Company pays special attention to quality defence of foreign persons engaged in commercial activities, who have been prosecuted due to ignorance of the requirements of the Russian legislation.

Options of service cost per 1 hour:

Lawyer: from 7 500 RUB
Leading lawyer: from 10,000 RUB
Head of Practice: from 12,500 RUB

1 hour
from 7 500 RUB
Defence against criminal prosecution

От вас необходимы

  • Information about the circumstances of the criminal prosecution
  • An interview with our lawyer

Частые вопросы

Who is a lawyer?

An advocate is a person whose profession is to provide qualified legal assistance to individuals and legal entities, including the defence of their rights and representation of their interests in court, who has the status of an advocate obtained in accordance with the established procedure.

When you need a lawyer?

If in relation to You law enforcement agencies have started checking on the possible commission of an offence or already initiated a criminal case - You need professional legal assistance. Represent your interests during the investigative actions can be a defender, which is a lawyer. Ordinary lawyers even with a notarised power of attorney to participate in investigative actions will not be allowed. The lawyer is necessary to suspects and accused of committing a crime. His task - to protect the rights and interests of the person. If you are detained on suspicion of a crime, you must have a lawyer.

What are the peculiarities of defence of foreign citizens in the framework of criminal proceedings in economic cases?

Foreign citizens doing business in Russia, often organise it on the already existing experience in their country and allow violations of Russian laws. It is the professional assistance of a lawyer contributes to the collection of evidence in the interests of the suspected foreign businessman and the formation of a reasoned position before the law enforcement authorities and the court. Especially in these cases, the competences of the lawyer, namely his extensive experience in economic cases, are very important. 

Do you have any questions about our activities or services?

Submit a consultation request and an SEG specialist will contact you shortly to find the right offer for your application.

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