Verification of counterparties in the PRC

The service includes a general due diligence of a Chinese company:

  • General company information
  • Basic information
  • Legal representative information
  • Legal risks
  • Management risks
  • Business operational information
  • Business development
  • Intellectual property rights
  • News publication
  • Related risks

Historical information

from 20 000 USD

Service includes special due diligence of a Chinese company in the context of M&A (including personal visits and business relationship analysis)

from 32 500 USD

The service includes specialised due diligence of a Chinese company going for IPO (including personal visits, business relationship analysis, risk analysis and risk forecasting).

1 company
from 1,300 USD
Verification of counterparties in the PRC

От вас необходимы

  • Information about the company being audited
  • Information that you are primarily interested in

Частые вопросы

Why do I need to check the company in China?

Unverified cooperation with a company from China carries possible risks, therefore it is necessary to check its reliability and only then you can conclude a deal.

What are the risks of co-operation with an unverified counterparty in China?

1. Fraud. A decorated website, contacts and details do not indicate the reliability of the company. After receiving the money, the supplier may disappear and it will turn out that the company and the goods do not exist.

2. Unscrupulous counterparty. Problems may start after the conclusion of the deal, when a company from Russia is waiting for the delivery of goods, but receives delayed terms and low-quality products.

3. Co-operation with an intermediary company. Co-operation with intermediaries can lead to financial losses. It is more correct to purchase goods directly from the Chinese manufacturer, as the more the chain of organisations between the buyer and the manufacturer, the longer the chain of settlements, the higher the price and the risk of losing money.

4. Insolvent counterparty. When exporting goods to China, it is not uncommon for the buyer to be unable to pay for them because they are unprofitable or in bankruptcy.

5. Problems at customs. A company from China can export and import goods only if it has a licence. In order for Customs to allow the goods to cross the border, it is necessary to check in advance whether the supplier or buyer in China has a licence.

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