Business representation in the institutions of the Russian Federation authorities

The service includes:

  • Advising the Client on the powers of the RF authorities
  • Organisation of business negotiations with Russian authorities
  • Assisting the Client in preparing presentation materials and business letters in Russian
  • Participation in the ongoing negotiations
1 hour
30 000 RUB
Business representation in the institutions of the Russian Federation authorities

От вас необходимы

  • Information about the state or municipal body (institution) with which it is necessary to organise interaction
  • Information about the issues to be resolved
  • Presentation materials and business correspondence (if available)

Частые вопросы

Why do I need advice on the powers of institutions and authorities?

In order to effectively conduct a business meeting with a state or municipal authority, it is necessary to know exactly what is within the powers and duties of a particular authority. Achieving a positive result directly depends on the correctness of the wording of requests, the competence of the state or municipal body and saving the Client's time.

How is the power in the Russian Federation organized?

State power in the Russian Federation is exercised on the basis of division into legislative, executive and judicial. Authorities are divided into federal and regional.

The federal government include:

The Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (the Federation Council and the State Duma) - the federal legislative body;
The Government of the Russian Federation headed by the Chairman - a federal body of executive power (also considered federal bodies of executive power are the Ministries of Russia, federal services and federal agencies of Russia, administered by the President or subordinated and administered by the Government of Russia);
Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, Constitutional Court, courts of cassation of general jurisdiction, courts of appeal of general jurisdiction, supreme courts of republics, krai, oblast courts, courts of cities of federal significance, courts of autonomous oblast and autonomous okrugs, district courts, military and specialized courts that make up the system of federal courts of general jurisdiction, as well as arbitration courts of districts, arbitration courts of appeal, arbitration courts of subjects of the Russian Federation and specialized arbitration courts that make up the system of federal courts of general jurisdiction.

Regional - these are the authorities of the subjects of the Federation, they are also divided into legislative, executive and judicial.

What are local self-government bodies?

Local self-government is recognized and guaranteed in the Russian Federation. Local self-government within the limits of its powers is independent. Local self-government bodies are not part of the system of state authorities. Local self-government is a form of self-organization of local communities, as well as their independent activity, which allows citizens directly or through representative bodies to resolve issues of local significance within the boundaries of a municipality based on the interests of residents, taking into account historical and other local traditions.

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