Registration of Trade Mark in the Russian Federation

Services include:

  • Class selection and preliminary verification
  • Preparation of the application and filing with Rospatent
  • Calculation and payment of fees
12-18 months
from 70 000 RUB
Registration of Trade Mark in the Russian Federation

От вас необходимы

  • Company and address information
  • Logo
  • Information about goods and/or services

Частые вопросы

In what language is the application filed?

When filing an application for registration of a designation as a trade mark in the territory of the Russian Federation, the documents are prepared in Russian. If the Madrid system is chosen, the application shall be completed in Russian or in the native language of the applicant.

Do I need a notarised power of attorney for a patent attorney?

Notarisation of a power of attorney for a patent attorney is not required, a simple power of attorney is sufficient.

Can I use brands that have left Russia?

No. Companies have left the market, but their trademarks have not ceased to be valid and are still protected by Russian and international law.

What should I do if my brand is registered in Russia by someone else?

First of all, it is worth to find out whether the classes of ICTU coincide with the sphere of activity of your company, perhaps the brand is registered for other categories of goods or services and does not overlap with yours.

It is possible to cancel the mark if the decision on registration is not lawful. For this purpose, an opposition is filed with Rospatent against the granting of legal protection to the trademark. Agree with a competitor on obtaining the right to use the trademark or the possibility to buy the trademark by concluding and necessarily registering an agreement on the alienation of the exclusive right to the trademark.

Do you have any questions about our activities or services?

Submit a consultation request and an SEG specialist will contact you shortly to find the right offer for your application.

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